Warning issued after residents suffer flash burns from garden fires

Warning issued after residents suffer flash burns from garden firesFirefighters are warning residents about the dangers of using petrol to burn garden waste following a number of incidents across Cheshire.

The warning comes after a number of incidents where people suffered flash burns when using petrol or diesel to help start garden fires.

One of the most recent incidents involved a man in Neston.

He used petrol to help start a fire in his garden. Vapour from the fuel also ignited, resulting in him sustaining serious burns to his legs, body and hands.

Station Manager Gary Simpson said: “With it now being autumn and the cold and wet weather arriving, a number of people have been starting fires to get rid of their garden waste.

“While using petrol to help start these fires may seem like a good idea, what many people don’t realise is that petrol and diesel both let off an extremely flammable vapour. As such, we strongly advise against using them.

“If you need to have a garden fire and you are really struggling to light it, firelighters are a safe alternative.

“However, we always encourage people to dispose of their garden waste in their green bins or at a waste disposal site if at all possible.

“Alternatively, you could start your own compost heap and turn the waste into valuable food for your plants, while also helping the environment.”

When people insist on having a garden fire they are always encouraged to use a metal garden incinerator, or metal bin, to contain the flames and prevent them from spreading.

For any large fires, residents are asked to call North West Fire Control on 01925 460852 in advance. This ensures that if any reports are received regarding the sighting of the fire emergency vehicles will not deployed unnecessarily.

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Warning issued after residents suffer flash burns from garden fires