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Welcome to the April edition of the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service e-Newsletter.

Residents urged not to use sky lanterns following near miss


Firefighters are warning people about the dangers of sky lanterns following a near miss in Winsford. 

Over recent weeks there has been a number of social media posts encouraging people to set off lanterns as a way of recognising the outstanding work of NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic. 

However, the campaign has not been supported by the NHS and Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is urging people not to use sky lanterns. 

The warning comes after an incident near Swanlow Lane in Winsford in which a sky lantern landed in a residential street. 

Thankfully the lantern landed between two cars. Had it landed any closer to the vehicles, it could have caused a fire.

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Garden fires are a cause for concern

garden fire

We're warning residents not to light fires in your gardens during the coronavirus lock down.

Over a four week period, since the start of lockdown on March 23, firefighters have been called to almost 60 fires in gardens and on grassed areas across Cheshire, Halton and Warrington. 

These fires relate to either controlled burnings, which may have caused a nuisance or concern or fires that may have been started intentionally but then got out of hand and needed to be extinguished by firefighters.

The majority of these fires are believed to have been intentionally started and have gone on to waste vital Fire Service resources.

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Stay safe this Ramadan


We're encouraging our local Muslim communities to celebrate Ramadan safely, and at home. 

The holy month of Ramadan began in the UK on Thursday 23 April and finishes Sunday 24 May and we are asking that people who are celebrating the religious festival, to do so safely at home and to take care when cooking during the early mornings or late at night.

Many Muslim families are expected to fast during daylight hours, not eating or drinking for potentially up to 16 hours a day. They then eat a special meal, called Suhoor, usually, with family members and friends just before sunrise and another known as the Iftar, directly after sunset.

However, given the unprecedented times that Covid-19 brings, there is no doubt that Ramadan this year will look very different for some. But there are many ways to still to worship, reflect and celebrate Ramdan digitally and virtually with loved ones. 

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Fundraising firefighters set for unique marathon challenge

Widnes firefighters

A team of firefighters who are determined to give two charities a much needed financial boost have vowed to run a marathon -without leaving the grounds of their fire station.

The White Watch crew at Widnes Fire Station will be wearing their full firefighter kit for the 26-mile challenge on Wednesday 20 May.

A track has been set up outside the station in Lacey Street for the fundraising firefighters to run around and a JustGiving page has been created for the charity challenge.

All the proceeds will be shared between The Fire Fighters Charity and the Darby Rimmer MND Foundation.

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Last updated: Tuesday 26 May 2020

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