Cheshire firefighter to cycle from London to Paris

Cheshire firefighter to cycle from London to ParisCheshire Fire and Rescue Service Watch Manager Nigel Swan, along with his partner Suzy, are cycling 300 miles from London to Paris - all within four days.

Nigel and Suzy have taken up the challenge in order to raise money for Katherine House Hospice, their local hospice in Stafford which holds a close place to their heart.

The ride, which starts on Wednesday 24 July, will see the pair cycle 95 miles in the first day alone. They will cover 60 to 70 miles over the subsequent days to cover the remaining 300 mile journey to Paris.

Watch Manager Nigel Swan said: “If you are not familiar with Katharine House Hospice, they provide hospice care services for people faced with an illness that cannot be cured, with their aim being to enable patients and those close to them to live as fully as possible and make the most of the time that they have left. All of the services are provided free of charge so they rely heavily on donations.

“The hospice does a huge amount of such fantastic work, which we have unfortunately had to call upon to support family members and friends in the past. We have so many friends and family who know someone who has benefited from this hospice and the great work that they do and if it wasn't for their services they are unsure of how they would have coped.

“Suzy and I are currently training most weekends to “acclimatise” our seating parts and also our leg muscles, with each week seeing a greater and greater mileage in preparation for the challenge. The ride is going to probably be one of the hardest things we have ever done, but knowing that we are doing it for such a worthwhile cause is making us all the more determined - a tough but rewarding challenge for Suzy and myself!

Nigel and Suzy have set their fundraising target at £1,650. If you would like to make a donation you can do so through their Just Giving page. Just Giving (opens in new window)

Through this page you can follow the route Nigel and Suzy will cycle as they continue through to Paris.

Date published: Mon, 20 May 2019 09:33:12 GMT

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Cheshire firefighter to cycle from London to Paris