Fire cadets trek to build school in Nepal

Fire Cadets from Cheshire are planning a trip of a lifetime to help villagers build a much needed, safe school for children in Nepal.

Working with the charity Classrooms in the Clouds (CitC), a team of 16 young people and 9 team leaders will set on in November 2015 and will embark on a journey on foot through the Himalayas, to get to the village of Thulodhunga in Nepal to help with the school project.

Many children in the Basa region work or take care of younger siblings or elderly relatives, so generally have no education. The CitC’s mission is to provide affordable, accessible and sustainable education to all the children of Nepal.

A plot of land above the village has been secured and villagers have started building the school ready for the arrival of the Cheshire group next year. The group will need to trek for a day and a half  in order to get to the village, which is in sight of Everest, carrying all the equipment needed for the project.

Youth Engagement Manager for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Nick Evans visited Nepal last year to gain first hand experience of conditions in the remote rural areas. He will also be accompanying the group on the trip. He said: “There is a school in the village but it is in very poor condition and is on the main trekking route through the area which causes a big problem with regard to the safety of the children.

"The aim of the trip, apart from building a school for the village, is to give each cadet a challenge as part of their personal development. The trip will raise awareness of cultural diversity and enhance their knowledge about Third World poverty. They will also get to compare their lifestyle with that of a young person from a Third World country

"The Cadets need to raise £3,250 each for the trip. This will pay for flights and accommodation and materials such as paint and equipment for the school so need to think about ways of raising the money themselves."

The cadets will be accompanied throughout the two week trip by the 10 leaders which includes Youth Engagement staff from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service who also have to raise money for flights and accommodation.

If anyone would like to find out more about the trip or to donate to the cadets going to Nepal then they should visit the Youth Engagement pages on the website - Cheshire Fire Cadets

Alternatively they can phone 01606 868700 and speak to Cadet Manager Vicki Wrest.


For more information about any of the group or an interview with a member of the Youth Engagement team please contact Helen Crick on 01606 868821 or email

Date published: Fri, 27 Feb 2015 14:31:05 GMT

Last updated: Friday 27 February 2015