Firefighters' website wins RNIB approval

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s website has earned an accessibility accreditation from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).

The “RNIB Approved” award is particularly welcome as it means that safety messages can be given clearly and concisely to everyone, regardless of disability or technology used. Equal access to information is important at all times but especially at this time of the year, during the bonfire period, to ensure everyone stays safe and understands the measures to take.

Caroline Jones, the Service’s digital media manager, explains: “The internet is a key way for us to communicate with residents and businesses and it is vital that everyone has equal access to our website, regardless of what disability they may have or what technology they use.”

Websites striving to attain the accreditation need to make web content more available to all users whatever means they are using to access the internet or in surroundings they may be in, such as under- or over-illuminated rooms, hands-free or noisy environments. By following the RNIB guidelines the Service can be confident that visitors will be able to find information on the website more quickly.

Caroline continues: “As well as the RNIB award, we have also achieved the Plain English Society's Crystal Mark for the clarity of information on our website.

“Achieving these awards is important as they are an independent check on how easy it is for people to access our online services and to understand what can be critical safety information.”

Both awards are subject to annual tests so the digital media team will continue to work hard to maintain these standards, ensuring a continued consistency of access for everyone at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Last updated: Tuesday 27 October 2015

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