Two households saved by the bell after kitchen fires

Smoke alarms helped protect lives and property in two separate incidents involving fires in kitchens overnight between 23rd and 24th January.

The first incident was in Norley at 19:49 on Thursday 23rd January.  Firefighters from Frodsham and Runcorn fire stations were at the scene tackling the incident, two of the crew wearing breathing apparatus, using hose reel and covering jets.

Although the fire didn’t spread outside the kitchen, there was additional smoke logging to the first floor with the smoke being ventilated from the house with the use of a high pressure fan. 

Smoke detectors alerted the occupants to the fire and they managed to get out of the house unharmed.

The second incident happened in the early hours of 24th January at a house in Southworth Lane, Winwick, Warrington.  The fire, caused by a faulty cooker, was tackled by firefighters, two wearing breathing apparatus, using a hose reel jet, followed by a high pressure fan to ventilate the house, clearing the smoke.

Smoke alarms were fitted and alerted the occupants to the fire so they, too, were able to leave the building safely.

Richard Gorst, Service Delivery Manager for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "The crews were there within minutes and found the occupants safely outside the property and quickly went to work extinguishing the blaze.

"We fitted smoke alarms at the Norley property in September 2008, giving fire safety advice at the same time, and the Warrington house had working smoke alarms in place.

“I would encourage everyone to have a working smoke alarm in their home and if they do suffer a fire then they should do exactly what the occupants did at both these incidents, which was get out and call us out.”

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Date published: Thu, 05 Jan 2017 15:13:48 GMT

Last updated: Thursday 05 January 2017