Warning after tumble dryer recall

Tumble dryer after a fireCheshire Fire and Rescue Service is asking people to check the make of their tumble dryer after a full recall was issued by a manufacturer.
Beko has issued a safety alert about a potential fire risk of 3,450 of its condenser tumble dryers and told customers to stop using them immediately.

Beko has asked customers with 8kg and 9kg Beko and Blomberg condenser tumble dryers which were manufactured between May and November 2012 to register for a free modification after checking the model and serial number.
The affected models are DCU9330W, DCU9330R, DCU8230, TKF8439A, and DSC85W.
If you are concerned that you have one of these models then please visit the Beko repair site (opens in new window) - or the Blomberg repair site (opens in new window) - and enter the model number into the online product checker, or call 0800 917 2018.
The alert from Beko said: "As part of our ongoing monitoring we have identified a batch issue with a third party supplied component which in rare circumstances could fail and overheat, which could lead to a risk of fire."
Nick Evans, Head of Prevention at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “Our advice is, if you think you are one of those people affected by this recall, to please stop using the tumble dryer immediately and contact the manufacturer for the free modification.
“In general keep your tumble dryer well maintained by cleaning the filters after every cycle. If you notice that clothes are taking a long time to dry or items are much hotter than usual at the end of a cycle that can be the sign of a faulty dryer. If you smell burning unplug it immediately.”

Tumble dryer fires are one of the top ten reasons for domestic fires in Cheshire, accounting for 3% of house fires.

Tumble dryer fire safety advice

Date published: Wed, 31 May 2017 15:57:58 GMT

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Tumble dryer after a fire