White Ribbon Award for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Fire engine with White Ribbon

Thursday 25 November marks White Ribbon Day which is a campaign that works to address domestic violence against women.

We are working closely with Chester Women’s Aid to organise an event in Chester city centre on Sunday 28 November. This event will see us display a huge White Ribbon which is a visible representation of us standing with key partners in addressing and ending domestic violence. 

Chief Fire Officer Mark Cashin, said: "White Ribbon is a fantastic national campaign which addresses the real issue of domestic violence. Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently embarking on revalidating its White Ribbon accreditation which we first completed in 2018. This area of work enables us to bring greater awareness of this issue to the public and encourage victims of domestic violence to not suffer in silence and come forward.

“A big part of our work includes offering fire safety advice to at risk adults and young people, which can include fitting fire-proof letter box covers, smoke alarms, and wheelie bin locks. Domestic arson is often linked to domestic violence and can be a common problem.

“The Service recognises that it is not only women who are victims of domestic abuse. Unfortunately, domestic abuse is also perpetrated both by women against men and in same sex relationships. However, whilst both men and women may experience domestic abuse, women are considerably more likely to experience repeated and severe forms of abuse, including sexual violence.

"We are also committed to supporting Open the Door, a county-wide campaign which aims to bring domestic abuse out from behind closed doors by encouraging people to start a conversation and seek advice and support.

“As a Service it is fundamentally important to protect the public of Cheshire, which is why we continue to stand up and support these campaigns that tackle domestic violence; it is absolutely the right thing to do. Supporting events that focus on domestic abuse, being White Ribbon accredited and supporting Open the Door gives us the best possible chance to help those victims who suffer domestic abuse.”

To learn more about White Ribbon day and to see what other organisations are doing to tackle domestic abuse, visit White Ribbon.

Date published: Wed, 24 Nov 2021 10:41:50 GMT

Last updated: Wednesday 24 November 2021

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Fire engine with White Ribbon