Young people from Winsford graduate in style from Prince's Trust Programme

Young people from Winsford graduate in style from Prince's Trust Programme
A group of young people from Winsford have just completed The Prince's Trust Programme and celebrated their success at a graduation ceremony.

The future looks bright for the team of nine who joined a Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service led The Prince’s Trust Programme 12 weeks ago.

They were required to complete a series of qualifications, tasks and challenges to enable them to graduate from the programme the ceremony which was held at a Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service premises in Winsford.

The team, who were all dressed in evening dress for the graduation, made speeches about their experience on the programme and how they how their lives had been changed by the programme.

Graduating from the course was:

  • Andrew Morrison 

  • Brooklyn Dickenson 

  • Christopher Lynskey 

    Elliot Jones 

    Shania Taylor 

    Chelsea Drury 

    Chloe Harding 

    Jeri Bonnett 

  • Liam Whitney

Programme manager was Jennie Pye who was assisted by Jonathan Dutton-Guiver a firefighter and community safety apprentice and Katy Hunt who is an employed team member from Barclays.

Sean Barlow, Prince's Trust Project Co-ordinator for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: "The team have faced many tasks and challenge over the last 12 weeks, but their confidence has grown and their skill set has been expanded. I would like to congratulate everyone on the team, not only for graduating, but for the way they have embraced new challenges and I wish them all the very best for in future.

“I would encourage anyone who is lacking in self-confidence or may be stuck in a bit of a rut, as to what direction their life needs to go next, to get in touch with the team leader and take advantage of this free programme.”

Over the last 12 weeks the group have learnt respect, self-confidence and a variety of new skills as part of the programme. They have grown as individuals and now have clear aims and objectives in life.

The team took part in a number of activities during the programme which included:

  • Raising money for a community project by bag packing

  • Food Hygiene, health and safety and first aid courses

  • Fire Awareness awareness training and driving safety course

  • Week long team building event in Wales

The Princes Trust programme is a free 12 week course giving young people, between the ages of 16 and 25, the opportunity to learn new skills, complete qualifications and gain greater self-confidence.

The next Winsford team starts on January 28 2019 for 12 weeks. If anybody is interested, or you know anyone aged between 16 and 25 who you think would benefit from the Prince's Trust programme, then please call Jennie Pye on 07875 565 095.

Date published: Wed, 02 Jan 2019 16:14:23 GMT

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Young people from Winsford graduate in style from Prince's Trust Programme