Arson Control Forum

Arson is the no.1 cause of fire in the UK.

It has a terrible affect on people's lives. As well as a number of lives being lost in tragic circumstances, communities can be significantly affected as homes, schools, workplaces, open spaces, in fact every aspect on society, can and has been blighted at various times in recent years.

Deliberate fire setting also has implications for the environment and our heritage and can affect the quality of people's lives on a day to day basis. 

The new Arson Control Forum website undertakes a range of functions. Primarily it is a source of information to both the public and all agencies involved in arson reduction. This will be done through having public and private areas on the site. It also provides examples of good practice from across the country, hosts Government research into Arson and provides information and updates from the Forum.  

In addition the website will act as a means of posting and answering questions, and acts as a virtual community to anyone who is interested in arson reduction. Links to partner organisations, other useful websites and sources of data are also available.

You can view the website at: Arson Control Forum (opens in new window)