Go In, Stay In, Tune In

Major emergencies can be caused by anything from flooding and transport accidents to chemical spills and terrorism. In nearly every case you can help by following these three simple steps:

Go In

Go indoors, close doors and windows and shut down ventilation systems if it is safe to do so. Unless there is an obvious risk to the property this will give you good short-term protection against the vast majority of hazards.

Stay In

Stay indoors until you know more about the situation and the appropriate action you need to take to protect yourself further. The action you should take will be different depending on the nature of an incident so you could put yourself at more risk by not waiting for further instructions.

Tune In

Tune in to local radio and television to find out more about what is happening. If there is a major emergency radio and TV companies will interrupt programming to give the public safety advice and information about the incident.

You can also check local emergency websites for updates.

For More Information

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service                              

Tel: 01606 868700

Cheshire Constabulary (opens in new window)             

Tel: 01244 350000

Environment Agency Floodline (opens in new window)   

Tel: 0845 9881188  

Gov.uk (opens in new window)

Preparing for emergencies leaflet - What you need to know (new window PDF - 1.3 MB)

Last updated: Wednesday 25 April 2018