Toxic Chemical or Radiation Release

If you live near to a large industrial site you will be told if there are special emergency arrangements for your area. The following advice also applies in the event of a major transport incident e.g a tanker spillage.

When warned of an incident you should:

  • Go indoors

  • Bring all pet inside

  • Close all window and air vents

  • Switch off air conditioning or ventilation

  • Cover food

  • Extinguish naked flames

  • Do not go outside unless told to do so by Emergency Services

  • Do not collect children from school until told to do so - they will be taken care of

For More Information

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service                               Tel: 01606 868700

Cheshire Constabulary (opens in new window)              Tel: 01244 350000

Environment Agency Floodline (opens in new window)    Tel: 0845 9881188 (opens in new window)

Preparing for emergencies leaflet - What you need to know (new window PDF - 1.3 MB)

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Last updated: Tuesday 30 October 2018