Sparkler - fire safety advice


Did you know that sparklers get five times hotter than cooking oil?

Sparklers are not toys and should never be given to a child under five. 

Sparkler - tips

  • Always light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves

  • Never hold a baby or child if you have a sparkler in your hand

  • Don't take sparklers to public displays, it will be too crowded to use them safely

  • Plunge finished sparklers hot end down into a bucket of water as soon as they have burnt out as they can stay hot for a long time

  • Always supervise children using sparklers

  • Give children gloves to wear when holding sparklers

  • Avoid dressing children in loose or flowing clothes - they may catch light

  • Show children how to hold sparklers - away from their body and at arm's length

  • Teach children not to wave sparklers near anyone else or run while holding them  

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Last updated: Monday 09 October 2017

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