CFRS Role In Water Rescues

From 11th May 2009 Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service (CFRS) moved from providing water safety and bankside rescue to full water rescue capabilities. This is provided by the water rescue trained and fully equipped personnel from Chester, Warrington and Knutsford.

The Water Rescue Units comprise of two 4x4 vehicles and fully equipped boats. These are located in Chester and Warrington, close to two of Cheshire's largest water systems. In addition to these, a Rope Rescue team, that is located in Knutsford, has received additional water rescue training which enables them to carry out water rescues and provide the Water Rescue Units with support.

Previously water rescues were only carried out from the banks of rivers, lakes or canals, but now the new Water Rescue Units enable the specially trained crews to carry out rescues on the water.

Each firefighter that joins CFRS receives water awareness and bankside rescue training. They also undertake regular refresher training on these.

For every incident near, on or in water CFRS sends two appliances, a water rescue unit/boat and support appliance, a rope rescue unit and a hydraulic platform.

The Official Launch of Cheshire Fire and Rescue Services Water Rescues

Pictures of CFRS in action on the water

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