Safety Advice

Here is some safety advice for when you are going swimming:

Take notice of safety advice!

  • Special flags and notices may warn you of danger. Know what the signs mean and do what they tell you

Go together!

  • Children should always go with an adult, not by themselves. An adult can point out dangers or help if somebody gets into trouble

Learn how to help!

  • You may be able to help yourself and others if you know what to do in an emergency. If you see someone in difficulty, tell somebody, preferably Lifeguard if there is one nearby, or go to the nearest telephone, dial 999, ask for the Police at inland water sites and the Coastguard at the beach

How You Can Help

  • Dial 999

  • Rescuing a drowning person is the last resort and you should do everything possible to avoid getting into a dangerous situation in the first place. If you have to make a rescue attempt, think of your own safety first and never put yourself in danger. If the rescue is too dangerous, wait until the emergency services arrive

Get Help

  • The first thing you must do if you see someone in trouble in the water is to shout for help and send someone to ring 999

Last updated: Thursday 04 May 2017