Get ready for winter - tips for snow and ice safety

Of all the seasons, winter requires the most care and preparation if you're to stay safe, especially when there is snow or ice.

Clearing snow and ice

It's important to clear snow and ice from pavements and driveways, to help  prevent slips and falls.

  • Clear the snow and ice early in the day.  It's easier to move fresh snow. So if possible, start removing the snow and ice in the morning. 

  • Cover the path with salt in the evening to stop it refreezing overnight.

  • Never use water to clear snow or ice. The water may freeze and turn to black ice. Black ice increases the risk of injuries as it is invisible and very slippery.

  • To prevent black ice spread some salt on the area you have cleared. You can use ordinary table or dishwasher salt.

  • Be careful not to spread salt on plants or grass as it may damage them.

  • If you don't have enough salt, you can also use sand.  This won't stop the path icing over as effectively as salt, but will provide good grip underfoot.

Driving in snow or ice

In winter it is even more important to check your vehicle is well maintained and serviced.

Car checks - be prepared for bad weather

Remember in snowy or icy conditions, it will take longer to stop. Always drive at a speed appropriate for the conditions.

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Checking on neighbours

During really cold weather, please take a few minutes to check on neighbours and relatives who are elderly or unwell and see if they need anything.

Weather alerts

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