Garden safety

Fire in a gardenGarden fires started intentionally that have spread out of control have been a real concern for firefighters since the start of the pandemic.

Although there are no specific laws against burning rubbish in a garden or having a bonfire there, there are several laws that deal with the nuisance that fires and bonfires can cause, so we may also get calls to deal with these.

With the restrictions due to be relaxed and up to two households or six people able to meet outside, our crews fear they may get more calls to extinguish fires that are out of control and spread to nearby property.

These fires may include braziers, fire pits, chimineas or bonfires which have been lit to help keep people warm outside for longer, but which have been positioned too near to property, sheds, fences or hedges and accidentally spread.

Please follow our advice to stay safe and always remember if any fire starts accidentally then do not attempt to put the fire out yourself. Instead, you need to call 999 immediately.

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Last updated: Friday 26 March 2021

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Fire in a garden