Close internal doors to stop fire spreading

To stop fire spreading and potentially save those extra few minutes that could save your life you should close all doors before going to bed or before leaving the property.

Introduce a bedtime fire safety routine that includes the following: 

  • Switch off all electrical appliances

  • Making sure all exit routes are clear

  • Close all doors

  • Take your keys and mobile telephone with you to ensure you can escape in the event of an emergency

Six steps

Here are the six important steps people can take to prevent fires from happening and also what to do to stay safe if one does break out.

  1. PLAN - plan your easiest escape route
  2. TEST - fit a smoke alarm and test regularly

  3. CHECK - check all appliances before going to bed or leaving the house

  4. CARE - never leave cooking unattended

  5. CLOSE - close doors at all times - this can prevent fire spreading

  6. CALL - get out and call 999 at the first sign of fire