Plan your escape route

  • Before you go to bed make sure all obstacles are removed from your escape route as a blocked route can slow down your exit.

  • Ensure all the internal doors are closed, this will help to prevent fire from spreading through your home.

  • Have an escape route planned that you and your family are familiar with. Consider people who may have mobility problems or whether specialist alarms are required for people who are hard of hearing.

  • Keep your door and window keys where everyone can find them so you can quickly escape and always make sure you have a telephone next to your bed, ideally a mobile phone.

Six steps

Here are the six important steps people can take to prevent fires from happening and also what to do to stay safe if one does break out:

  1. PLAN - plan your easiest escape route
  2. TEST - fit a smoke alarm and test regularly

  3. CHECK - check all appliances before going to bed or leaving the house

  4. CARE - never leave cooking unattended

  5. CLOSE - close doors at all times - this can prevent fire spreading

  6. CALL - get out and call 999 at the first sign of fire