Washing machine and dishwasher fire safety

Some fire safety tips for the safe use of washing machines or dishwashers:

  • Don't leave the washing machine or dishwasher running overnight or while you are out.

  • They are a fire risk because of their high wattage, friction and motors.

General Safety Advice

Circuit protection reduces the likelihood of an electrical fire occurring. Contact an approved professional for advice on circuit protection or to have your circuit protection checked.

Carry out your own home safety check

Complete our online home safety check and you will get a personalised fire safety plan, which will offer advice on how to prevent fires in your home.

Do the online home safety check

Book a home safety check

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service will fit free smoke alarms for people who are aged over 65 and for people who are referred to us by partner agencies because they are considered to be at a particular risk.

If you are over 65 years of age and you live in Cheshire, you can arrange for a Firefighter or a Community Safety Advocate to visit your home for a free home safety visit. During the home safety visit advice will be given on how to make your home safer, what to do in the event of a fire and what to do if you are trapped by a fire. Free smoke alarms will also be fitted (if needed) with an explanation on how to maintain them correctly.

Book a home safety visit for over 65’s

Last updated: Thursday 01 December 2016