Outdoor safety

This section provides information to help you to stay safe outdoors.

Firefighters dealing with a grass fire

Fire safety shouldn’t stop when you leave your home. Thinking about fire safety, especially when you're outdoors or away from home is really important. On this page you will find links to information and advice to help keep you safe outdoors.

Road Safety

Stay safe when driving around the area.

Road safety advice

Barbecue safety

Barbecues should be relaxing and enjoyable experiences, but, cooking over hot coals can be hazardous and people can easily be distracted when in the company of friends and family. 

Barbecue safety advice

Boat safety

The number of boat fires on our coastal and inland waters is relatively low. However, when they do occur, they quite often have devastating consequences. 

Boat safety advice

Caravan safety

If a fire breaks out in a caravan or mobile home it is always serious.

Caravan safety advice

Camping safety advice

Every year people suffer injuries from fire whilst camping. By taking a few fire safety precautions these fires and injuries can be prevented.

Camping safety advice

Countryside safety

Every year, fire destroys thousands of acres of countryside and wildlife habitats. Some fires are started deliberately, but most are due to carelessness.

Countryside safety advice

Water safety

Cooling off in rivers, canals, ponds, quarries and lakes can have deadly consequences.

Water safety advice

Heatwave safety

Tips for staying cool - and safe - in the sun:

Heatwave safety advice

Bonfire and firework safety

Always follow the firework code:

Bonfire and Firework Safety

Last updated: Tuesday 09 August 2022