Bonfire night

We don’t want anyone to get hurt this year so we are asking people not to light bonfires or set off fireworks in their own gardens or back yards.

These fires can and do get out of hand very quickly and can spread to nearby property, sheds, hedges etc so please think about this before lighting any fires outside.

Most injuries throughout the bonfire period occur as a result of people building their own bonfires, and setting off their own fireworks.

If you or anyone else gets into difficulty remember:


Always remember, if your clothing catches fire - STOP, DROP and ROLL.

If your clothes catch fire, running around won't help.  You must always stop, drop to the ground (cover you face with your hands) and roll over and over.  Make sure you roll over a few times, to ensure that you put the fire out. 

This video explains how to stop, drop and roll:

First aid - following a burn or scald

Good first aid following a burn or scald can make an enormous difference in recovery times and the severity of scarring. Remember to COOL, CALL, COVER.

First aid advice from the British Burn Association:

  1. Cool the burn with running cold tap water for 20 minutes and remove all clothing and jewellery (unless it is melted or firmly stuck to the wound).

  2. Call for help: 999, 111 or local GP for advice.

  3. Cover with cling film or a sterile, non-fluffy dressing or cloth. Make sure the patient is kept warm.

This video explains how to cool, call, cover

Reporting unlit dangerous bonfires in Cheshire

If you do spot a build-up of rubbish, intended to be used as a bonfire, please report it to the local council immediately.

  • Cheshire West and Chester - 0300 123 7026 - street care option 2. 

  • Halton - 0303 333 4300

  • Cheshire East - 0300 123 5011

  • Warrington - 01925 443322 Press 5 2 2.

Last updated: Tuesday 20 October 2020

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