Road Safety

The information in this section provides road safety advice for road users.

Road traffic collision

Every year we attend hundreds of road traffic collisions, rescuing drivers and their passengers and providing emergency first aid and trauma care.

Road traffic collisions can be devastating, not only to those involved, but to their friends and loved ones.

Over a 4-year average there were 35 fatalities and 295 seriously injured each year. Through targeted campaigns, joint agency working and educational messages delivered by the Road Safety Team, Advocates and Operational crews. The number of incidents is reducing.  

We want you to be safe when driving around the area, so please follow the advice below.

Driving during bad weather

Tips for keeping you and your family safe on the roads

  • Fatal 5 - Road users who commit one of the Fatal 5 offences are far more likely to be involved in a fatal collision than those who do not.

  • Road Sense - key road safety tips

  • Seatbelts - always wear a seatbelt - they save lives.

  • Mobile phones - mobile phone distraction costs lives.

  • Child car seats - useful information for parents about child car seats

  • Engagement Days - look out for our Driver Engagement Days, where we offer road safety tips to drivers.

  • Biker down - a free course run by bikers for bikers designed to answer these uncertainties.

Driving offences

Any amount of alcohol or drug taking, however small, will impair driving ability:  More about Drink and Drug Driving.

Drivers using phones, either talking or texting, have slowed reaction times and difficulty controlling speed: More about Mobile Phones

Road safety information for kids and young people

We run regular road safety courses for young people. Use the links below to find out more about our road safety courses: 

Think Drive Survive course for young people - we offer a one-day course for young drivers

Road Safety Week

Road crashes are our biggest killer, so every year we support Road Safety Week. Find out more about Road Safety Week.

Useful links

Road safety - useful links

Last updated: Friday 26 August 2022