Praise for Biker Down

Demonstration during a biker down courseOn this page you can find praise and feedback that we have been given regarding our Biker Down course:

Mike and Nikki

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for the biker down day (14th April) from Hazel’s greeting, the free brews, all the guys presentations it was a fantastic, informative and well organised day.

Thank you for your efforts - myself and Mike feel we could make a difference at an accident scene if needed in the future.


We all want to say a massive thank you to Keith and the team for a well put together and very informative afternoon. We all found the course very helpful in giving us a better understanding of road safety, awareness and confidence in approaching riding, driving and basic first aid.

This was the second time I have attended the course (first time was last year about October) and thought I needed a refresher. I personally found that the course was helpful in reminding me of my role as a rider and user of the road as well as increasing my confidence in assisting/acting if there was an accident.

In summary: The course is fantastic! and a much needed resource for both riders and road users!


It was really nice to meet you and your Colleagues today, I found the Course was very interesting, informative and extremely beneficial. You all conducted yourselves in a very professional manner.

The down to earth approach and acceptance that we are all Human, that everybody makes mistakes was a very good way to deliver the Course. Too many people are afraid or uncertain to assist others when needed.

The work you do will definitely help save lives. No matter what doubts or lack of knowledge/experience it is better to do something rather than nothing. The training you provide will be empowering people to do what is right and necessary.

After the course I personally feel more comfortable and confident to assist than I did before. Personally I appreciate and value what you are all doing, it's great that you are sharing your combined wealth of knowledge and individual experiences.

Thank you all for giving up your time and Volunteering, I will definitely be recommending the Biker Down Course.

Well done everyone and keep up the fantastic work.


Just a note to ask that you pass on thanks to everyone involved in a very good afternoon's session.  Educational, informative, and with opportunities for practice, all given with a touch of humour.

Very worthwhile, and a good refresher. Thanks again.


On behalf of my region we would like to say a big, big thankyou to you, instructors and all the staff for providing what is probably the best biker down course we have attended.

Very, very impressed with the content and the delivery of all the important points. Ride to Arrive


A lady approached us at the end of the course and thanked everyone for the course and its content. Her son was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of years ago. When Peter asked her if she had been upset by any of the course content she replied that the course had given her a far better understanding of why and how he had lost his life in the accident.

Last updated: Wednesday 01 May 2019

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Demonstration during a biker down course