Careless driving

It is crucial we educate motorists on how to use the roads safely. When driven badly, they can turn into a lethal machine. With new car technology, safety and protection systems are in place. However, we are still at risk of harming ourselves, other road users and pedestrians through lack due care and attention.

Human error is by far the biggest contributory factor to fatal collisions. It’s just not worth dying for.

  • Examples of careless driving could be: 

  • Risky over-taking and undertaking 

  • Not driving at an appropriate speed for the road and weather conditions – even if within the speed limit.

  • Distractions such as eating, drinking and passenger distraction and mobile phone use

  • Lack of concentration and driving whist fatigued

  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front

  • Not paying attention to road signs, road layouts and junctions. Assuming the right of way

  • Middle lane hogging and drifting between lanes

  • Failing to signal when changing lanes or turning, improper lane changes

  • Failure to stop for emergency vehicles

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Last updated: Monday 12 September 2022