Careless driving

It is absolutely crucial we educate motorists on how to use the roads safely. All vehicles today are designed to keep us safe but, when driven badly, they can turn into a lethal machine.

Human error is by far the biggest contributory factor to fatal collisions and if a person drives carelessly, no matter how safe they think their vehicle is, the risk of a serious collision occurring is increased considerably. It’s just not worth dying for.

Examples of careless driving could be: 

  • Risky over-taking 

  • Under-taking

  • Not driving appropriately (excess speed) for the road and weather conditions – even if within the speed limit

  • Distractions (not relating to technology) – eg eating, drinking and passenger distraction

  • Lack of concentration

  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front

  • Not paying attention to road signs and junctions  

  • Driving while tired

  • Coming out of a side junction into the path of another vehicle

  • Middle lane hogging

  • Assuming right-of-way

  • Drifting between lanes

  • Failing to signal when changing lanes or turning

  • Failure to stop for emergency vehicles

  • Improper lane change

  • Making an improper turn

What are the consequences of careless driving?

Investigations into collisions show that the biggest killer on the roads is motorists driving carelessly.

As part of the day-to-day policing for the Roads & Crime Unit, officers will be out and about enforcing the law and educating motorists on the Fatal 5. If you are stopped for driving carelessly, you could receive:

  • between 3 and 9 points 

  • a fine up to £5,000

  • a driver could also be banned from driving

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is committed to educating motorists on the Fatal 5 and work alongside Cheshire Police to make the roads safe.

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