Autumn road safety tips

Car in rain

Autumn presents many potential hazards for drivers. Roads can become slippery and visibility is often reduced. Darker nights and low sun bring their own hazards.

Safety advice for autumn driving  

  • Remember that fog also makes the road wet and slippery

  • Don't leave it too late to turn on your lights - see and be seen

  • Ensure your tyres, brakes, wipers, heater and demisters are in excellent order 

  • Always drive at an appropriate speed - often this will be below the speed limit - never exceed the speed limit  

  • Use the demister and windscreen wipers and always clear your windows of frost or ice before starting your journey

  • When driving at sunset or sunrise dazzle can be a problem - ensure that you keep your windscreen clean and free from smears which will be enhanced by low sun

  • Always make sure children are belted in and that child seats are fitted correctly

  • Your vehicle will take much longer to stop on a wet surface, particularly one covered with wet leaves - adjust your speed and leave a longer following distance so that you are always able to stop in the distance seen to be clear

  • Watch out for children walking and cycling to and from school. It may be difficult to see them because of low light levels. During school arrival and departure times there is usually a large number of children crossing the road or riding bikes

Last updated: Monday 02 October 2017

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Car in rain