Transforming Community Safety

Partner organisations from across Cheshire, Halton and Warrington are joining forces to tackle community safety issues with the emphasis on early intervention and prevention.

The ‘Transforming Community Safety’ programme brings together the four local councils with Cheshire Police, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, probation services and health agencies. 

They will jointly set and manage community safety priorities, working together to ensure that the right service is commissioned in the right place, at the right time to help create a safer community for everyone.

The programme will be co-ordinated by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service with the different agencies taking the lead of five different work streams:

1. Reducing Harm Through Alcohol - led by Cheshire East Council

This workstream aims to pull together activity relating to reducing alcohol related harm which was identified as being a priority for action.  The costs of alcohol related harm to the public sector are significant, as are the impacts upon the community, families and individuals affected by it. 

The excessive consumption of alcohol will also impact upon all other areas of the Community Safety programme, including anti- social behaviour, domestic abuse and offender management.

The following gives details of some of the projects that will be incorporated in this workstream:

  • Education programme in Schools - co-ordination of school based resources across Cheshire. Effective approaches include teaching students how to resist peer influences, improving generic life skills, involving families and providing opportunities to become involved in positive experiences with others in the school and community.

  • Minimum Unit Pricing - building the evidence base and exploring the opportunity to introduce minimum unit pricing locally.  Work is ongoing with colleagues in Merseyside to explore implementation across Cheshire and Merseyside in 2015.

  • Cheshire Wide standardised recovery service establishing the potential to introduce a standardised service with local access to alcohol treatment.  This will require an aligning of current contracts to allow appropriate notice to be given on current providers and a re-commissioning exercise to be carried out at a sub regional level.

  • Alcohol related presentation data from A & E will be implemented in A&E Departments to provide data to assist with reducing alcohol related harm.


Executive lead, Lorraine Butcher - Director of Executive Strategic Commissioning Cheshire East Council
Project lead, Guy Kilminster - Tel: 01270 686560

2. Anti-Social Behaviour - led by Cheshire West and Chester Council

Anti-Social Behaviour is a major challenge for public services.  It places significant day to day demands on police, Councils, housing and other support services.  It can have a detrimental effect on the community and can seriously affect the quality of life for individuals increasing their risk and vulnerability. Therefore this workstream will aim to tackle the issue.

The following gives details of some of the projects that will be incorporated in this workstream:

  • ASB Strategic Group will standardise operational delivery of ASB interventions. This will include Councils integrating actions with the neighbourhood policing teams.  Standards will be put in place to ensure a consistent approach to measuring and responding to vulnerability.  The group will also develop standardised new approaches to implement the new ASB Tools and powers as well as performance management across authorities.

  • Mediation services across the sub-region will be looked at. Plans will be put in place to implement training programmes in Restorative Justice and Mediation. The work stream will train staff sub regionally to be trainers of mediation.  The end aim is to train front line staff to deliver low level mediation at the first point of contact.  This should prevent issues from escalating and becoming more complex and engrained.


Executive lead,  Mark Palethorpe - Corporate Director of Strategic Commissioning CWAC
Project lead, Michelle - Tel: 01244 972360

3. Domestic Abuse - led by Halton Borough Council

Domestic Abuse is a major challenge for public services.  It is a growing concern which places significant Domestic Abuse demands on police and other support services. It can have profound implications for the life chances of affected children and increase their use of public services in the medium to longer term.

Domestic Abuse is a crime that is largely perpetrated in private, with few witnesses and as a consequence it is under reported and recorded.  The British Crime Survey has established that less than a quarter of the most serious incidents come to the attention of the police. 

The key focus will be on collaboration covering the following areas:

  • Commissioning services and programmes to help both protect victims of domestic violence and deal with the issues of those who commit the crime.

  • Consistency in approach and content of training as well as creating opportunities for joint delivery.

  • Put together joint bids to attract funding for the programme

  • Improving access to local alcohol prevention services

  • Develop a ‘one voice’ communication strategy and consistent and shared campaigns of activity.


Executive lead,  Dwayne Johnson - Strategic Director, Communities Halton Borough Council
Project lead, Nigel Wenham - - Tel: 01606 36 2108

4. Reducing Reoffending - led by Cheshire Constabulary

The reducing reoffending project will focus on using a coherent evidence based approach to provide services that identify and tackle the underlying issues of offending behaviours in such areas as drug and alcohol misuse, education and training, and the mental health and wellbeing of offenders.

In turn this will improve the delivery and consistency of integrated offender management and equity of access to rehabilitative services across the Cheshire and Warrington sub regional footprint. 

The project will focus on adult offenders and will support and enhance the priorities of the PCC related to reducing reoffending and link with the Transforming Rehabilitation agenda.

The following gives details of some of the projects that will be incorporated in this workstream:

  • Map out existing governance and commissioning structures to identify how they can support and align with new Community Rehabilitation Companies delivery, specifically in terms of accommodation, across the Cheshire footprint.

  • Developing pathways for offenders covering areas such as substance misuse and health issues.

  • Widening access to Restorative Justice.

  • Mental health provision for offenders specifically focused on the mental health triage model.

  • Increase prisoner engagement via the “Through the Gate” initiative linked to local prisons.


Executive lead, Janette McCormick - Assistant Chief Constable Cheshire Constabulary
Project lead, John Roberts - - Tel: 01606 362212

5. System Change, Performance and Governance - led by Warrington Borough Council

This workstream will focus on delivering system change that will support the consolidation of governance, strategy and research; a single agreed approach to assessing cases and service review and commissioning. The following gives details of some of the projects that will be incorporated in this workstream:

  • Shared Needs Assessment that will look at elements such as the move to evidence based decision making and a shift to early prevention. Developing a single strategy document with agreed priorities.

  • Develop Sub Regional Governance which will support a single governance forum, co-located multi agency teams and increased sharing of specialist managed resources.

  • Process, performance, information management shared strategic core processes including simplified, standard, consistent service delivery. This will also look at consistency in case management.

  • Funding, providers and commissioning resulting in greater commissioned market of providers shared commissioning process and providers commissioned who can deliver across the Cheshire footprint.


Executive lead, Kathryn Griffiths - Assistant Director Partnerships and Performance Warrington Borough Council

Project lead, Jo Taylor - - Tel: 01925 443513

There will also be two cross cutting themes of “Case Management” and “Single Front Door”, which have been identified across all work streams and a thematic approach has been adopted to join up the activity in these two areas. 

This approach will see the single front door and case management elements of each work stream delivered as two overarching themes that will aim to create an easier and effective journey for services users.

Building on success

It is recognised that there is already significant amounts of good practise that already exists. Therefore, work is already underway to scope out this good work in relation to the themes outlined. This will then be used to influence the direction of future projects to ensure we don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.


Transforming Community Safety - Newsletter for March (new window, PDF 518KB)

For more information

If you would like more information please contact Programme Director, Jacqueline Branch on 01606 868643 or email:

Alternatively contact one of the programme leads connected with the various work streams.