Cheshire fire cadets

Reopening of Cheshire Fire Cadet Units.

We are currently engaging with our Volunteer Cadet Staff to implement a number of essential refresher training events with the view of reopening cadets units in the next academic term.

We apologise for the prolonged closure of our cadet units however, there have been a number of challenges that the covid-19 pandemic has presented the service with, none more so than ensuring that we are able to keep both our employed staff, volunteers and our young people safe during these difficult times.

As we work through the process of reopening Fire Cadet Units in a safe and engaging way please wait for communications from your cadet units before attending any stations. We are excited at the prospect of being able to welcome cadets back onto our premises however this has to be done in a staged and managed way ensuring the safety of all those involved.

Your cadet coordinators will be in touch with you over the coming weeks to make preparations for your safe return to cadet nights.

We do appreciate that many of you will have grown a bit since you last put your uniform on and we are putting measures in place to ensure that you have the right kit to participate in activities at cadet nights. Again your cadet leaders will assist you with this once you are back.

For now, please be patient and wait for those communications from your cadet leaders whilst they put in place the necessary arrangements to welcome you back to your individual units.

Are you aged between 12 and 17 and want a new challenge?

Fire cadet units provides an insight into working within a uniformed service, providing an exciting and unique opportunity to develop both personal and social skills by promoting self-discipline, team work and citizenship.

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What we do

As a cadet, young people have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of a firefighter while participating in a wide range of activities in and around their local fire station.  Cadets also have the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications and awards including BTEC and Duke of Edinburgh awards. 

Find out more about the awards and qualifications you can gain as a fire cadet

What does being a fire cadet mean?

As a fire cadet you will be treated as a young firefighter. Provided with your own uniform, you will be expected to attend a weekly drill night at your local fire station. Here you will learn many of the skills of a firefighter and work towards a number of awards while having fun and making new friends.  You will be expected to show a certain amount of discipline and commitment, just like a firefighter.

Life as a cadet - fun and games

In addition to weekly activities at your local fire station there are many opportunities during weekends and school holidays; such as outdoor activities, camps and social trips.  Many of our cadet groups play an important role in the community with cadets helping fit smoke alarms and supporting other local initiatives. 

Cheshire Fire Cadets have travelled abroad to communities in Northern Ireland and Germany. We also run an international project with destinations including Ghana and Nepal, where we will assist with building a school - Nepal School Project 2017

Find out more about Cheshire fire cadets news, activities and events

Cadets in my area

In total we have 24 cadet groups across Cheshire.  To find out more information about the cadet group in your area and see some of their recent activities - My local cadet unit

Join the fire cadets

If you are interested in joining the Cheshire cadet scheme (as a Cadet or a Cadet Leader) please download and complete the Declaration of Interest Form (new window, Word Document 37KB) and contact the cadet unit at your local fire station:

View contact details for each of the fire cadet units.

Cadet staff

We are always looking for people to join our cadet scheme as a member of our volunteer cadet staff. 

Find out how to join the cadets as a member of cadet staff


For more information please contact Chris Mitchell, who is based at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Sadler Road site in Winsford.


Last updated: Thursday 18 November 2021

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