Cheshire fire cadets

Fire Cadet units remain closed due to Covid-19

We hope that all our Cheshire Fire Cadets and cadet volunteer staff are keeping well during this current pandemic.

Our UK government has started to relax the lockdown. This means that we will be able to see people from other homes, some of you will be going back to school and even some shops will be opening.

The Service is now working to understand what a safe return to face to face fire cadets may look like and will contact everyone once the Youth engagement team is happy that everyone’s safety, which is paramount, can be guaranteed.

Even when the lockdown is easing, it’s important to use social distancing. This means keeping space between yourself and other people.

It’s vital that everyone takes care of themselves during this time. Remember, exercising or leaving the house can have a big effect our mood and can help us to feel better.

If any of our cadets are worrying about school or find they need some help or support during this time then he Childline Coronavirus advice website has lots of advice to help young people.

The latest Government guidance on COVID-19 can be found here:

Please note.  Due to COVID-19 we are unable to process your volunteer application immediately. However a member of staff will contact you on receipt of your application to discuss further.

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Are you aged between 12 and 17 and want a new challenge?

Fire cadet units provides an insight into working within a uniformed service, providing an exciting and unique opportunity to develop both personal and social skills by promoting self-discipline, team work and citizenship.

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What we do

As a cadet, young people have the opportunity to learn the basic skills of a firefighter while participating in a wide range of activities in and around their local fire station.  Cadets also have the opportunity to gain recognised qualifications and awards including BTEC and Duke of Edinburgh awards. 

Find out more about the awards and qualifications you can gain as a fire cadet

What does being a fire cadet mean?

As a fire cadet you will be treated as a young firefighter. Provided with your own uniform, you will be expected to attend a weekly drill night at your local fire station. Here you will learn many of the skills of a firefighter and work towards a number of awards while having fun and making new friends.  You will be expected to show a certain amount of discipline and commitment, just like a firefighter.

Life as a cadet - fun and games

In addition to weekly activities at your local fire station there are many opportunities during weekends and school holidays; such as outdoor activities, camps and social trips.  Many of our cadet groups play an important role in the community with cadets helping fit smoke alarms and supporting other local initiatives. 

Cheshire Fire Cadets have travelled abroad to communities in Northern Ireland and Germany. We also run an international project with destinations including Ghana and Nepal, where we will assist with building a school - Nepal School Project 2017

Find out more about Cheshire fire cadets news, activities and events

Cadets in my area

In total we have 24 cadet groups across Cheshire.  To find out more information about the cadet group in your area and see some of their recent activities - My local cadet unit

How to join the Fire Cadet scheme

If you are interested in joining a cadet unit , please use the links below:

Join a cadet unit in Cheshire

Join the cadets as a member of volunteer staff

Contact the Cheshire cadet manager

If you want to find out more about the cadets in Cheshire, please contact Cadet Manager Sean Barlow: 


Phone: (during office hours) 01606 868700

Cadet - Declaration of interest form

Declaration of interest for young person to join cadets (new window, Word Document 839KB)

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Last updated: Monday 01 February 2021