Fire cadets - roles and promotions

Cheshire fire cadets

There are a number of roles and promotions for Cheshire fire cadets.

Fire cadets

As a fire cadet you will be treated as a young firefighter. Provided with your own uniform, you will be expected to attend a weekly drill night at your local fire station. Here you will learn many of the skills of a firefighter and work towards a number of awards while having fun and making new friends.  You will be expected to show a certain amount of discipline and commitment, just like a firefighter.

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Fire cadets - cadet manager roles

Just like firefighters, cadets can take on leadership roles within their local groups. Cadets can be promoted to crew manager, watch manager and station manager positions.

To be promoted, you must be an experienced fire cadet and you must show a desire to lead and help others. 

Just like a real job, cadets will be expected to complete applications for the position and complete a selection process preparing them for job applications in all walks of life.

Fire cadets - chief cadet roles

In Cheshire we have just introduced two new cadet roles:

  1. Chief fire cadet

  2. Deputy chief fire cadet

Every year cadets will be sought for these positions with an opportunity to represent Cheshire fire cadets at events across the county. 

If you are a cadet with one of the Cheshire cadet units and you are interested in these two new roles, please speak to your cadet leaders about how to be nominated for these positions.

Volunteer cadet staff

Volunteer cadet staff members are over the age of 18.  Volunteer cadet staff support the cadet scheme by providing the cadets with an insight into working within a uniformed service as well as encouraging them to develop personally, socially and with self discipline.

As a volunteer member of cadet staff you will be given all of the training you require to help support the young people in your community as well as opportunities to develop yourself..

Information on how to volunteer as cadet staff

Last updated: Monday 16 April 2018

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