Nepal 2020 - Fire cadets

Information about the team travelling to Nepal:

Jess Johnson

Jess is 14 and is a crew manager cadet at Stockton Heath. She plays lots of sport and is hoping to do her silver DofE next year. Jess is looking forward to the challenge of meeting people from different cultures and giving others a helping hand.

George Chadwick

George is 15 and has been a cadet at Macclesfield for 2 years. He is very involved with his local snooker club and has also started to play bowls. The challenge will be a great opportunity to help children in a less wealthy country.

Millie Jones

Millie is 14 and is a cadet at Macclesfield. She sings and is particularly interested in Korean rock and pop music. She volunteers at the local Oxfam shop and is looking forward to seeing how Nepal’s systems work.

Luke Plaskett

Luke is 14 and is a cadet at Knutsford. He enjoys building computers and playing on them. The stories that previous Nepal team members have told makes Luke very keen to take part in the challenge.

Tyson Challoner

Tyson 15 and is a cadet at Northwich. He likes to play the guitar and spend time with his friends. Tyson is looking forward to seeing how people live in Nepal.

Cameron Taylor

Cameron is 15 and has been a cadet at Northwich for 3 years. He is doing his bronze DofE and level 1 cadet award. He enjoys robotics and will relish the opportunity to support others from a different culture. 

Ethan Protano

Ethan is 15 and has been a cadet at Middlewich for 2 years. He is looking forward to making new friends on the team and helping people in Nepal.

Ashleigh Culleton

Ashleigh is the youngest member of the Nepal team. She is 13 and is a cadet at Nantwich. She enjoys making things and reading dramatic novels. She is involved in charity projects at school and would like to see why we should support these projects first hand.

Lara Cook

Lara is 15 and is the Chief Fire Cadet. She is based at Widnes. She enjoys creating imaginative ways of fundraising and encouraging others to help. Lara would like the chance to push herself to the limit to achieve something that is worthwhile and life changing.

Olivia Kettle

Olivia is 15 and has been a cadet at Winsford for 3 years. She is involved with netball at school and likes rock climbing. She feels she will be humbled when she visits Nepal and sees how these people live.

Harvey Owens

Harvey is 15 and has been a cadet at Winsford for 2 years. He plays football for his local team and is part of a street dance team. He is sure that this will a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a place like Nepal.

Tom Lowe

Tom is 15 and has been a cadet at Widnes for 3 years. His hobbies are 80’s music and socialising with friends. He has also been involved as a lighting technician at the school drama performances. He looks forward to visiting Nepal and being able to explain to people what life is like when he returns.

Alfie Walsh

Alfie is 14 and a cadet at Widnes. He enjoys swimming, football and rugby. This will be the trip of a lifetime and an opportunity for him to help other less fortunate.

Grace McGarity

Grace is 13 and is a cadet at Warrington. She enjoys running , swimming and football and has experienced time with exchange students from Africa. She feels that taking part in this challenge will help her develop and understand how other cultures work.

Nathan Edwards

Nathan is 15 and is a cadet at Winsford. He is a cyclist and enjoys hiking. The landscape is one of the things Nathan is looking forward to seeing as well as the differences in culture.

Tabetha Gould

Tabetha is 15 and is a cadet at Widnes. She has completed her bronze DofE and is keen to experience what other previous team members have told her about the challenge.

Poppy Hazlehurst

Poppy is 14 and is a cadet at Winsford. She loves travelling and exploring. Her passion is to help people, in particular young girls, to get an education; so is looking forward to taking part in this challenge to achieve this.

Last updated: Wednesday 31 July 2019