Nepal school project 2015

A team of Cheshire Fire Cadets and leaders visited Nepal in 2015, to help finish building a school that they raised money for.

They met the children, who are now benefiting from the newly built school in the village of Thulodhunga in the Basa region.

The school is constructed from brick and is a safe and clean learning environment which doesn’t compare to the tents they have previously used following the earthquake six months previously.

The group flew from Manchester to Kathmandu on Saturday, 24 October and trekked on foot through the Himalayas, to get to the village of Thulodhunga, where the school had already been built by local people.

The cadets set to painting walls, cleaning windows and floors and putting up notice boards before designing and painting a mural on the side of the building, with their names on it.

During their time in Nepal the group spent time with the villagers and learnt about a different culture. They ate Yak meat and cheese with the locals and also visited a stupa which is a Buddhist religious monument where people go to meditate.

The group of 15 cadets and nine leaders raised all the money themselves to fund the trip and managed to raise an incredible £80,193.

Update - June 2016

Good news has just come in from Nepal. The school project that Cheshire Fire Cadets were involved in building in 2014 at Shree Chandrodaya Primary School now has safe, running water and girl and boy toilets!!

The partnership with Classrooms in the clouds supported the building of a new eight classroom school in Thulodhunga in 2014 and additional financial support from the British and Foreign Schools Society (BFSS) has now provided funds to allow the building of separate gender specific toilets and provide clean water and hygiene facilities.

School attendance is improved when children are healthy and this is a big challenge in rural Nepal, where water is often contaminated and there is limited facilities for washing. This is a particular challenge for girls in school as they reach puberty where inadequate facilities mean they will often miss school and their education suffers.

The engineer, Sonam Sherpa, who designed a water filtration system for the town of Lukla (the gateway to the Everest region) agreed to design a mini version for the Shree Chandrodaya Primary School. It is a natural filtration system using varying size substrates to filter the water. The water is directed to holding tanks before being piped to the toilets and to sinks outside the classrooms. The toilets have been tiled and have separate facilities for boys and girls meaning there are far more 'friendly' for use.

Vicky Wrest, Cadet Manager for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “This is great news for the school but more importantly for the children. Hopefully our new school build project for 2017 will also be given the same facilities, as it makes a real difference to the lives and welfare of the children who attend.”


You can view photos from the cadets trip to Nepal and the new school on our Flickr page - Nepal School project (opens in new window)

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Last updated: Monday 27 June 2016

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