Fire safety information for children

This Kidzone page provides fire safety information for children.


Visit the new Sparkton kidzone - an online town where children can play games and learn safety tips

Escape to safety videos

The following  'escape to safety' videos provide fire safety tips for children:

Safety games for children

Games about fire safety, including a smoke alarm game, colouring games and fire hazard games:

Games (opens in new window)

Fire safety educational resources for teachers and firefighters

Fire safety educational resources for teachers and firefighters involved in the Key Stage 2 visit:

Fire safety educational resources

Fire safety quiz - take a test

If your school is having a visit from the fire and rescue service, part 1 should be completed before the fire service visits your school, and part 2 should be completed immediately after the visit.

Test - part 1

Test your knowledge before you learn about fire safety either on the Kidzone or through a Key Stage 2 visit:

 Test - part 2

Then test how much you have learned after a Key Stage 2 visit:

Book a school visit

If you would like to book a school visit, please email

More Safety Information

For more safety information, please visit our public safety pages on this web site:

Public Safety

Last updated: Wednesday 18 April 2018