How to train your family to be safe

A set of fire safety education resources have been developed, called “How To Train Your Family".

These resources can be used to help teachers, community group leaders and parents to teach important fire safety messages to children.

How to train your dragon 2

Fire is one of the main features associated with dragons in the film “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.

20th Century Fox and Dreamworks have kindly allowed us to use the characters from the film to produce the set of fire safety education resources that can be found below.

Find out more about the film: How to Train Your Dragon 2 (opens in new window)

Fire safety messages

Every year children are killed or seriously injured by fires in the home in the UK. Simple fire safety messages, which you can teach the children, can be taken home and fires can be prevented.

If every home had working smoke alarms and everyone knew what to do in the event of a fire, lives would be saved, and serious, life changing injuries prevented.

The main fire safety messages are:

  • Fire prevention in the home

  • Have a working smoke alarm

  • Have an escape plan

It is also important that children understand road safety and how they can keep themselves safe both in vehicles and near roads.

Organise a fire safety visit

If you are a teacher, we recommend that you contact us at Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service to see how we can support you with fire safety education, including a fire safety visit.

Email us:


Fire safety presentations:

  1. Presentation - fire safety messages - part 1 (new window, Power Point Document 2779KB)

  2. Presentation - fire safety messages - part 2 (new window, Power Point Document 3056KB)

  3. Presentation - fire safety messages - part 3 (new window, Power Point Document 2676KB)


Colouring activities:

Creative Writing

Create writing activities:

News reports

Two news reports have been created, with questions which can be used to assess the children’s understanding of the news report:

You can also ask the children to create their own news report. Here are some ideas for their news reports:

News report - ideas (new window, PDF 235KB)

Here are two blank newspaper outlines, so that the children can write their own newspaper reports:

Wordsearch and crossword

Wordsearch and crossword activities:

Word bank

Word bank - Firefighters and fire appliances (new window, PDF 241KB)

Last updated: Wednesday 16 September 2015

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