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About us

Firefighters and a fire engine at a training exerciseCheshire Fire Authority comprises councillors from our local communities of Cheshire, Halton and Warrington who manage Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service. They make decisions on things like policy, finance and resources.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service is led by the Chief Fire Officer and the Service Management Team.

We have 25 fire stations, four community safety centres, three community fire protection offices and a headquarters in Winsford. And three new fire stations are currently being built in Penketh, Lymm and Mollington.

We respond to emergency incidents - known as Emergency Response (ER) across the four unitary council areas of:

We also provide community safety advice, which help us to reduce risks and to improve:

Fire engines and special vehicles

We use an number of vehicles/appliances (fire engines and other special vehicles). We also have a number of old (vintage) vehicles.

What do we do?

We respond to all emergency calls from the public for assistance. Many emergency calls, however, are not to fires but to incidents where members of the community are trapped in vehicles following road traffic collisions, trapped in machinery, or trapped in less life threatening circumstances as well as being called to chemical spillages and toxic emissions.

We also deal with many other domestic situations such as flooding, storm damage, people unable to gain access to premises, animals in distress etc.

Incidents in your area

You can check how many incidents we attended in your area. The incidents are plotted onto a map, to show their location.

Organisational Structure

A new organisational structure was announced in November 2009.

Facts and figures

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service operates:

  • 25 Fire Stations

  • 4 Community Safety Centres

  • 3 Community Fire Protection Offices

  • A Headquarters and training facility

The Authority provides a 24 hour service to just over 1 million people and employs some:

  • 655 operational staff  

  • 233 community safety and other support staff

(Information correct as of 31 March 2015)

Our Vision

Our vision is a Cheshire where there are no deaths, injuries or damage from fires and other emergencies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help create safer communities, to rescue people and protect economic, environmental and community interests.

Our Core Values

The core values of our organisation are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

Key documents and plans

It is important for us as a public body to provide specific key documents (including plans and strategies) and to consult with the public over our service.

Contact Us

You can contact us by email, phone or by post: contact us.

Freedom of Information (FOI)

We have a special Freedom of Information (FOI) section, where you can access further information about:

Our website

We update our website regularly, but if you spot a problem or if you want to contact us about the content of any of the web pages, please contact us by email:

View our website statistics, which show the number of web visitors and the number of pages viewed each month.

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Firefighters and a fire engine at a training exercise
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