A day in Lukla before we fly to Kathmandu

A market in LuklaToday is a day of sight seeing in Lukla ahead of our flight back to Kathmandu tomorrow. The pace has been much slower and with no trekking today.

We visited the local market and watched the locals trading stock and after lunch we went to Lukla hospital, l which was built for the locals and climbers, by a Swiss female who was the first female to summit Everest.

We have been staying at a lodge called “Everest Mountain Home” and their hospitality has been fantastic. We have been joined by other trekking groups hoping to catch a flight back to the capital weather permitting.

Lukla is known as the “Gateway to Everest” and it’s runway is into the side of the mountain.

Today brings to a close the school build and trek for the apprentices and as their manager, it’s been pleasing to see that their hard work in the UK has been greatly received by the locals. The team worked hard to ensure the money was raised before flying out and then again to finish the school.

The trip so far has pushed each and every apprentice out of there comfort zone. This test will help prepare them for there future careers.

To close all the team is looking forward to a good, hot, warm, clean shower and some fresh clothes.

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Last updated: Wednesday 15 May 2019

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A market in Lukla


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