On-call firefighter recruitment

An on-call firefighter is a person who is 'on call' to respond to a range of emergencies. They are doing everyday jobs (for example, shop workers, office workers, mechanics, etc) until the call comes, then they become professional firefighters.

Who can be an on-call firefighter?

  • As long as you are 18 years of age before training starts, have a good all-round level of fitness and you pass the entrance tests, you can be an on-call firefighter. There is no upper age limit.

  • You also need to live or work within 5 minutes travel time of the fire station. We can’t predict when you will be called out so you need to have flexibility in your work or home-based activities.

  • Many employers will release on-call firefighters from their workplace to attend an emergency incident.

  • Some on-call firefighters are self-employed, work from home or are home-makers so they are able to respond. Whatever an on-call firefighter is doing, if their alerter sounds, they need to be able stop what they are doing and report immediately to their community fire station.

  • Firefighters require a certain level of eyesight to enable to them to carry out their role – it doesn’t have to be perfect but there is a minimum requirement. You have to meet a required standard of vision when applying to join. For safety reasons, only soft contact lenses are acceptable.

On-call firefighters do not just fight fires.
As an on-call firefighter you would be involved in a wide variety of situations which can include incidents ranging from floods, road accidents and chemical spills to retrieving pets from awkward situations.

What do I get out of it?

The firefighter role is unique. It is unpredictable, exciting and rewarding. As a firefighter you provide a crucial service to your local community as part of a closely knit, professional team.

  • Help people in need.

  • Learn new transferable skills and NVQ qualifications including; leadership management, LGV driving, first aid, trauma care and health and safety qualifications.

  • Be a part of something special.

  • You will receive remuneration for the number of hours you can provide cover for and an hourly rate for attending incidents, training sessions, community safety activities, equipment tests.

  • Paid holiday leave.

  • Eligible for the Firefighters Pension Scheme, which the Service will also contribute to.

  • Meet new people and join a team.

What would the commitment be?

  • You have to be able to provide a minimum of 50 hours’ availability (availability is the term we use for the number of hours and the time of day when you will respond to incidents.)

  • You will not be working for the agreed number of on-call hours, but we will pay you to be available. 50 hours sounds like a lot, but you can do a lot of it whilst you are sleeping!

  • Being on-call doesn’t stop you from going about your normal life but, if there is an incident where your help is needed during the hours where you are available, you will need to drop everything and get to the fire station within five minutes.

Your training is comparable to that of a whole time firefighter; the biggest demand on your time will be in the first 14-18 months when you will undertake your initial training.

  • Module one, pumps and ladders - one week

  • Module two Breathing Apparatus - two weeks

  • RTC extrications - two weekends

  • Hazardous Materials - one weekend

  • Height Safety - three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

  • Trauma Care - three days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

In total there is an initial commitment of 27 days within a possible 300 to 400 days. Time well spent.

In support of your initial training you will also continue with your training sessions every week, usually completed at the fire station. The training is between two and three hours in an evening. These training sessions allow you the opportunity to practice the skills you learn, ensuring that you are ready for action at all times.

How to apply to become an on-call firefighter?

To apply to become an on-call firefighter please visit your local on-call station on a drill night oremail our Recruitment team

**Please note if you are an HGV driver in your current employment you will need to discuss this with a member of the HR Business Support Team prior to completing an application form.

Recruiting on-call firefighters now

We are looking to recruit on-call firefighters at the following stations, providing cover between the times detailed below.

  • Alsager Fire Station

  • Birchwood Fire Station

  • Bollington Fire Station

  • Holmes Chapel Fire Station

  • Malpas Fire Station

  • Poynton Fire Station

  • Tarporley Fire Station