On-call recruitment process

There are six stages to the recruitment process for on-call firefighters:

  • Stage 1 - Declaration of Availability and Application Form

  • Stage 2 - Practical and Written Tests

  • Stage 3 - Interview

  • Stage 4 - The Medical

  • Stage 5 - References

  • Stage 6 - Welcome to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

Stage 1 - Declaration of Availability and Application Form

Once you have visited the fire station on their drill night, the Watch/ Station Manager will be able to discuss the role with you and look at the hours of cover you are able to provide. Once you have declared your availability they will send this information to us and we will be able to provide you with an application form.

If your application is successful you will be invited to attend a practical and written assessment.

Candidates successful at practical and written assessment will be invited to attend an interview.

Stage 2 - Practical and Written Tests

Once you have passed the application process we will invite you to get physical during the practical examinations.

The role of a firefighter is physically demanding and so it is important for us to assess your ability to handle the situations and challenges you will face.   We do this through a series of physical and practical tests. These will include:

  • Ladder Climb - This aims to test your confidence with heights.

  • Casualty Evacuation - This aims to test your upper and lower body strength as well as your co-ordination.

  • Ladder Lift - This aims to test your upper and lower body strength as well as your co-ordination. 

  • Enclosed Space - Working in enclosed spaces is sometimes required when working as a firefighter. This test is designed to test your confidence, agility and stamina working in these conditions.

  • Equipment Assembly - This test is designed to assess your manual dexterity and coordination.

  • Equipment Carry - This aims to test your upper and lower body strength as well as your co-ordination. 

These sessions are run by our Operational Training Group so you will be in safe hands as you progress through the day.

Videos demonstrating the National Firefighter Selection Tests

In addition you will be required to take a short Maths and English written test.

Stage 3 - Interview

Upon successfully passing the practical and written tests you will be invited to attend an interview.  This will take place at your home fire station where possible, and lasts for about an hour.

Stage 4 - The Medical

We need you to take a full medical assessment prior to joining us. We will need you to meet the nationally agreed health and fitness standards for the physically demanding and potentially hazardous role of a firefighter and to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

The assessment will be conducted at our Occupational Health Unit at our Winsford Sadler Road site.

The tests that will be completed on the day will include:

  • A check of your blood pressure and pulse

  • Checks of your height, weight and body mass index

  • A hearing test

  • A grip strength test

  • A vision test (Please note, if you have received laser eye surgery this procedure must have been carried out a minimum of 1 month prior to your medical assessment)

  • A test of your lung function

  • A drugs and alcohol test

Further details of the medical including what to wear and exactly what will be tested can be found using the following link - The medical

Stage 5 -  References

You’re almost there! We will now just need to check your references.  We will also need to carry out an enhanced check under the Disclosure and Barring Service (formally known as the Criminal Records Bureau Check).  This process can take some time but don’t worry, we will get in touch as soon as we have everything back.

Once we have both references and a satisfactory enhanced check is received back we will be in a position to offer you the post of a wholetime firefighter.

Stage 6 - Welcome to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service

You have made it! You will now begin your one week or three weekend initial training course to become a firefighter.

Last updated: Thursday, 6 July 2023