A warm welcome and stunning views

I made a phone call to the UK today to give my blog because all of a sudden we realised we had a phone signal.

……so I am currently sat here having spent the morning trekking up a mountain, looking out at other mountains much higher than where we are, Phaplu is about 2,700 metres above sea level, and it’s truly breath-taking. The views stretch as far as I can see and although a little windy, it’s not cold.I cannot explain how truly stunning this country is and the people and their culture is amazing.

Everyone seems so much happier here than in the UK and we have seen many families playing and socialising together. Everyone has time for one another which is lovely to see.

We flew out to Phaplu yesterday and everyone we have met have made us feel welcome. We went to see a school in the town and the school children were all waving and so happy to see us. We felt like celebrities!

I tried Sherpa Stew for the first time last night which has dumplings in called Mo-mos. These are filled with meat or vegetables and were delicious.

We plan to trek a bit further today to get ourselves used to the altitude and later today we will head back to Everest Lodge which is where we are staying in Phaplu. This is more like a log cabin than a hotel but really comfortable.

Tomorrow involves a 12 hour trek so once we've eaten I think we will all be getting a good night sleep in preparation.

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Last updated: Monday 26 November 2018

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