Such a long trek but the best day so far for me!

Apprentices on their trekWe trekked from Paphlu to Thulodhunga and it took roughly 10hrs. It was slow progress at times but we managed to soldier on and get to Thulodhunga.

Along the trek we got awe inspiring views of the massive Mount Numbur. We managed to get some fantastic pictures and had a really fantastic walk. We also passed some of the Buddhist prayer stones and learned some of the culture from our sherpa guides. The weather was brilliant and the cloud coverd the peaks like a shroud.

When we arrived at Thulodhunga it was a massive moral boost to the team. For dinner we had dal bhat, a traditional sherpa meal consisting of potato, rice and a sauce. It was one of the best days of the trip so far for me, I loved it.

Blog created by Josh Brunning

Last updated: Monday 26 November 2018

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Apprentices on their trek


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