Long trek but we're in high spirits

The school built by our fire cadets back in 2015Sorry for the lack of updates... we've been struggling to get a phone signal.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we trekked from Phaplu to Thuladunga and it went really well. It was an early start for the group but this allowed us to do the trek in 12 hours, which was a great achievement. The weather has been warm and dry but cloudy so perfect for trekking.

Once we arrived in Thuladunga, we stayed in a tea house and then this morning we met the villagers and visited the school that was built by our fire cadets back in 2015. It was great to see the building and it gave us an idea of how our school will be used.

Today we are trekking to Kharikhola and should arrive there this afternoon. We are all in high spirits and enjoying the experience. We'll be in touch with another update tomorrow... if we have phone signal!

Blog created by Vicky Wrest (Fire Cadet Manager)

Last updated: Wednesday 24 October 2018

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The school built by our fire cadets back in 2015


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