We've arrived in Kharikhola!!

Trekking in NepalThe start of the day we went to visit the school in Thulodgunga which was built in 2015. Seeing a build that was done by the cadets and it being used by the children was an amazing feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the local kids and interacting with them. It was really eye opening how respectful and welcoming the children were to us all.

Once the visit with the school was over it was time for lunch and time to prepare for the trek to Kharikhola. The trek was amazing! Walking through the mountains gave us mesmerising views. It truly was an experience I'll personally never forget.

Once we have arrived in Kharikhola it was a great feeling, the overall trek from Phaplu all the way to Kharikhola proved challenging but it's safe to say we all enjoyed the experience and will definitely sleep well tonight. I'm really excited to get hands on with the school tomorrow and working hard to help with the completion...

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Last updated: Monday 26 November 2018

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Trekking in Nepal


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