A steep hike to a monastery

The team in NepalToday we where woken with our usual morning cup of tea from the Sherpas. After breakfast we packed our day bags for the hike ahead and set off from the lodge.

The lodges dog (who we have named Edmand Fenton) followed us for a second day on the run to keep us company. The sun was strong today and no clouds where in sight as we set off. Today’s hike was quite steep as we headed towards the monastery above.

Once we reached the monastery we where greeted by a peaceful silence and could see young Buddhist monks in the distance. We where all invited into the monastery to have a look around and where even lucky enough to be shown an ancient scroll that couldn’t be dated.

The beautiful weather, the amazing views and the visit around the monastery made the long trek worth while.

Dawa, our guide showed and explained the use of butter lamps. These lamps are used to protect loved ones who have recently passed from evil spirits and also bring good karma. He kindly lit one for each of us.

Firefighter and Community Safety Apprentice Adam Fenley 

Last updated: Monday 01 April 2019

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The team in Nepal


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