Flying high in Nepal

The team in NepalA 5am start this morning to catch our flight to view the highest point above sea level, Mount Everest!

What a sight it was. A majority of the peaks weren’t visible due to cloud, however the largest of the sacred summits pierced their way into clear air, allowing us a glimpse of their impressive dominance over the lowlands of Nepal.

After breakfast we jumped into a minibus and straight into the infamous Kathmandu rush hour. No change for many of us to be stuck in back to back delays on a Monday morning, but at least the dusty views this Monday were of the vibrant, noisy hustle and bustle of the locals making their way to worship before work.

We were on our way to Pashupatinath temple; the most culturally interesting thing about this destination is that its where Buddhists perform cremations on their outdoor cremation ghats, built next to the Bagmati River. We witnessed a cremation in progress which sparked mixed views within the group.

After this we visited Boudhanath, another temple but this one is the largest in Nepal. Boudhanath is also one of the few places that offer such an insight into Tibetan Buddhists outside of Tibet itself. A spot of lunch later we returned to the hotel for rest and prep for trekking the following day. Our cuisine for the evening is a traditional Nepalese banquet and it sounds like it will be a tasty night.

Namaste, CFRS Apprentices

Firefighter and Community Safety Apprentice Ben Burgoyne

Last updated: Monday 01 April 2019

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The team in Nepal


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