We've arrived in Bung!

TEarly Years Centre in Bunghe day started with a shorter walk than the previous day and we arrived in Bung just after lunch. We were greeted by the Chairman of Classrooms In the Clouds, Mike Hagan, who joined us for lunch and later showed us the Early Years Centre that we have spent the last 18 months fundraising for.

We were all amazed at the hard work that had gone into it, and the amount of organisation it must have taken in order to build something like this in such a remote part of the world.

After a look round the centre, the team bonded over some yoga tuition from our team leader Ant. This was followed by another Nepalese dinner as well as card games and late night chat gazing over the mountainous region.

Firefighter and Community Safety Apprentice Olivia Lovatt

Last updated: Friday 22 March 2019

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Early Years Centre in Bung


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