Day 1 - Tom

We met at Manchester airport at 10:30 for our first flight to Doha. Surprisingly our check in process went without any hitches and we went through passport control really quickly.

After a bit of last minute shopping in the Departure Lounge we were called to the gate.  Due to our plane being late to arrive and also because of other passengers issues, our flight out of Manchester was delayed for over 2 hours,  because of this we weren’t sure if we would make our second flight which was from Doha to  Kathmandu?

On the plane we got a meal which was steak in gravy and mash and then a snack after which was a chicken roll, all of us travelling in our group said we really enjoyed the food. We also got inflight entertainment which included movies and games such as battle ship which we could play against each other, this helped pass the 6hr 45 min flight.

We landed in Doha only to be told we had missed our connecting flight and that we would have to spend the night in a hotel in Qatar. We got to our overnight Hotel about 2.30am, we had to be at breakfast for 6.30am as we were getting picked up at 7.00 for our new flight which was at 9:25, it’s fair to say none of us got much sleep, if any!


Last updated: Wednesday, 15 November 2023