Day 2 - George

After leaving our Hotel at 7 o’clock in the morning at 30 degrees heat, we travelled to Doha International airport. As it was daytime we could see the building and landscape a lot better and hen when we travelled to the Hotel. We passed a football stadium that was recently used in the Football Word Cup which looked really good, the main route into the airport was well kept and immaculate. Once again we went through passport control with no hiccups and we were glad to take off on time, most of is fell asleep as soon as we boarded. 

Landing in Kathmandu, we were greeted by our hosts from Adventure Thamersku, we loaded our luggage onto a minibus and travelled a short distance to our Hotel that we would be staying at for most of the Trip.

Once checked into in our rooms (which was approximately 5.30pm), we got everything ready for the next couple of days and then met up at the hotel restaurant to have our evening meal.

Later in the evening we went for a walk around the local area to establish our bearings and get a bit of an an insight into what was around us. We have landed in Nepal at a time when the Country is celebrating Diwali so there are lots of bright light and garlands over most of the building as they are celebrating the festival of light, all of which look amazing.

We ended the day by going to the hotel to watch and the fire works and relax before we all retuned to our rooms for a well earned sleep ready for Wednesday.


Last updated: Wednesday, 15 November 2023