Day 3 - Ashleigh

We woke up at 7:00 for an early breakfast and met up with our tour guide to go straight to my favourite temple so far, the monkey temple. Our guide, Yutara told us some interesting facts while we were there, for example all colours of tikka has different meanings - green for nature - red for positivity - orange and yellow for compassion - blue for calm. As well as the incredible history and architecture we were also warned of the monkeys coming too close and stealing things. After haggling for some souvenirs we made our way out of the temple. However a certain monkey saw me and my magnets and ran towards me. I tried to jump away but it latched onto my leg and tried to grab my bag, I wanted those magnets so I pushed it of me and hid my bad. A missed photo opportunity that would have been the perfect memory of this trip. 

Leaving monkey temple we went to 2 more temples. Hindu and Buddhist are the most common religions here in Nepal. Its really great seeing the similarities between them both and the beauty of it all. After the monkey palova and two more fantastic tours we headed to our hotel for dinner. After lots of card games and rest we headed for tea at an american style pizza restaurant and we were all stuffed too much to enjoy some pudding. We spent the end of the night looking over Nepal on the terrace and went to bed to be ready bright and early again.


Last updated: Thursday, 16 November 2023