Day 6 - Nathan

We started our penultimate day bright and early at 0600 to watch the sunrise from our balconies, after a cold and tiring 30 minute wait the sun finally emerged from behind the clouds creating a great photographic opportunity beside Everest. Soon after the sunrise we all went to the restaurant to have our breakfast buffet, this would prepare us for our hike down from Nagarkot. 

Breakfast eaten and bags packed, we set off on the bus to the drop-off point to begin our hike. Some of us full of energy raring to go and others still recovering from the 6am start, we set off and for a downhill hike there was definitely plenty of uphill to begin with.

After an hour of walking we found a bamboo rope swing where we each had a go as this seemed the only natural thing to do. We finished our 6km hike with a visit to the Changu Narayan temple, which was very colourful, after taking in the sites of Changu we decided to stay and have some lunch.

After lunch we were making our way to the pick-up point when Tom wanted to show true British spirit by getting beat in a small football match with a Nepalese child.

Although the journey back to Kathmandu was a bumpy one, most of us fell asleep as a mixture of the early start and mountain trekking had taken its toll. We checked back into the Tibet international hotel where we  had a few hours to sort our bags out and clean ourselves up before heading out for tea at a local restaurant. After tea we walked around the Boudha Stupa so we could buy some souvenirs before heading back to our hotel where we played cards on the terrace for the remainder of the evening.


Last updated: Monday, 20 November 2023