Cadets arrive in Thulodhunga

Latest blog updates from Nepal:

Update: 15:30

We are here!!!!!

The satellite phone we brought with us isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and isn’t working. We’ve had to use Dawa’s phone, as we didn’t want to let our blog followers down!!

We have been for a walk around the village today and our mural is looking great. We have put up some pin boards around the classrooms to help the children with their learning and it’s all looking really nice for the hand-over tomorrow.

Our lunch today was fried rice, boiled eggs and mash potato which wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but we had a lovely pudding of apple, bananas and toffee sauce which was delicious and very in keeping with Halloween!

It’s not too cold at the moment either so that’s good.

Today we took a moment to remember former fire cadet and firefighter Jonathan Hughes. Jonathan sadly passed away after a long illness on Friday, October 16 and his funeral was at 12 noon UK time today. To coincide with respects paid by colleagues across Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, a minutes silence was also held by the team in Nepal.

To honour 26-year-old Jonathan, Cadet Leader Keith Roberts and Widnes Fire Cadet Danny Simpson read out the firefighters prayer. Keith was Jonathan’s Fire Cadet Leader at Widnes Fire Station for many years and later became his Watch Manager when he was recruited as a firefighter in 2007, achieving his lifelong ambition.

Keith told the group stories about Jonathan’s time growing up in the fire cadets before becoming a firefighter with Red Watch, Widnes.

We all felt humbled to have been able to share this moment together and the inspiring stories of Jonathan will always have a special place in our hearts when we remember our trip in years to come.

30th October 14:00

Unfortunately the Fire Cadets are currently having trouble getting a signal on the satellite phone so can’t send it their daily blog today, but we do know that they have made it to the village of Thulodhunga and that they are busy painting a mural on the side of the school today, ready for the handover ceremony at 10am tomorrow, Saturday October 31.

This mural will feature the logo that the cadets designed themselves and all the names of the fire cadets and leaders that have worked so hard to raise the money to enable the villagers to build the school.

It will be the official inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed school building and will be attended by teachers from Shree Chandrodaya Primary School, as it is now called, and people from the Base region of Nepal who’s children will benefit by attending the newly built school.

The cadets will be in Thulodhunga until November 2nd and will have time to meet local families and experience village life first-hand. We know that this will be an experience that they will never forget and which we are sure will change their views on life when they return to the UK next week.

Doctor Jason will also be busy as he intends to train a few of the Sherpas in trauma care. He plans to leave nearly all of his medical kit in Nepal for villagers to use if needed.

Last updated: Friday 30 October 2015

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