Cheshire we have contact!

Hurrah! The sat phone is working again so here is the latest news from Nepal! Sadly, this is our last night in the village and we start our two and a half day trek to Phaplu in the morning.

Yesterday (Sunday) we had a meal cooked for us by people of Thulodhunga and it was party time around a bonfire, with music and dancing. We taught the villagers the Macarena and YMCA amongst other traditional dances! We had a really lovely time with everyone.

Today we have been able to go into the school where the children have started having their lessons. The mural is finished and there is also a teaching wall where we have put our alphabet alongside the Nepalese alphabet, and the same with numbers.

Tonight we have been able to bathe in the river and wash our hair so we're all feeling very fresh and clean before retiring to our tents for the night.

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Last updated: Tuesday 03 November 2015

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